Do Condoms Really Expire? Here's What You Should Know

within the heat of the instant, checking that the condom you’re approximately to use isn’t expired probable isn’t the top of your listing of things to do. but, it should be. Expired condoms are a real situation and we’re breaking it all down so you don't discover your self with a condom that isn’t going to do the activity you desired it to do.

generally, condoms are constructed from one of 3 substances: latex, polyurethane, or lambskin. “some human beings have a latex allergy, so polyurethane is a surely good option,” says Leah Millheiser, M.D. at Stanford college faculty of medication. “a few human beings document that they experience extra the usage of lambskin, but the problem with lambskin is that it doesn’t necessarily prevent STD transmission.” What all of those one of a kind materials have in not unusual is they don’t final forever. (Meet your new favored condom—strive LELO HEX condoms, available from the girls's health Boutique.)Latex condoms generally last for a median of five years after manufacture date, however this could range with lubrication and spermicide,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast. “instead of calculating how long they’ll ultimate, it’s satisfactory to take a look at the expiration date imprinted on the package deal. garage is fundamental—if they’re saved near warmness or bright mild, this may shorten their shelf life.”

Millheiser shows a trick for remembering how lengthy your condoms ultimate for, despite the fact that she acknowledges it'd seem silly. “I continually recommend that while you get condoms, you have got a field, simply write with a sharpie on the container, or write on the actual packet, simply the month and date of expiration to remind you,” she says. “most men virtually don’t examine the expiration date and don’t think about condoms having an expiration date.”Millheiser says it's far a recognized fact that when a certain quantity of time, the condom degrades. “which means that it’s simpler for the condom to break and fail during sexual activity,” she says. O’Reilly explains that, moreover, over time the spermicide in the condom can lose its potency and the latex and lubricant can dry out. similarly to being less powerful, she says that these expired condoms can irritate skin (and skin down there isn't a place you need irritated).

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IS IT virtually SO bad to apply AN EXPIRED CONDOM?

sure and no. On one hand, O’Reilly warns that customers that you'll have a better chance of STI transmission and unintentional being pregnant, neither which is right. but, each docs agree that the use of an expired condom is better than nothing.

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“If all you have access to is an expired condom—it’s either that or nothing—use the expired condom due to the fact there may be a risk that it received’t ruin,” Millheiser says. “you would have it to check it right after, which means fill it up with water, like a balloon, and spot if whatever comes out because you might not realize if it broke. but when you have a choice among an expired condom or nothing, use the expired condom when you have no other get right of entry to to condoms that are not expired.

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